iPhone and iPod Touch F.A.Q.

What is jailbreaking?
Jailbreaking refers to ‘breaking the iPod Touch and iPhone free from the clutches of Apple’. In other words you are hacking the iPod/iPhone inorder to gain access to its files so you can modify your device.

Is jailbreaking illegal?
NOOOOOOO!!!! Ok , this really bugs me. I keep getting emails that ask me the same question. IT IS YOUR DEVICE, YOUR PROPERTY! Once you bought it you can do what ever you want with it. Nobody cares what you do with it.

Ok, but does jailbreaking void my warranty?
Of course. Technically it voids your warranty. But if something goes wrong with your device, all you need to do is hit restore, and there is no way for apple to find out  if your device was hacked!

Are cracked apps illegal?
Another question i get emailed about a lot. Really now?!?!? Yes of course it is. You are stealing from the developers! Again, to get myself heard : from the devs, not from apple. Apple is just a 2 way sucking machine. Sucks money from you and from devs. Yes i know, this blog provides cracked apps as well. Why? So you can try it cracked, and if it really suits your needs to buy it. Take it as a fully functional, no time limit demo of the app. Now you can be an ipocrit that accuse me of providing links to cracked apps, but once you done accusing me, you start to download music. Anyway to make a resume : Yes it is illegal , and if you like the app, buy it!!!

Can Apple tell if i have cracked apps?
Do you plan on telling them?

I am a paranoid pussy question : Will i get arrested if i use cracked apps?
NO!!! again nobody will know that you download cracked apps, besides you. And your conscience that will tell you every night before you go to sleep that you just stole from the developers 🙂

What is SpringBoard ?
Your iPhone/iPods Home Page where you see all of the applications and start them up. You may also pan around different pages of applications if you have enough.

What is WinterBoard ?
More powerful and open-source SummerBoard. ( you can add themes and stuff with this 😛 )

What is SWOD (Spinning Wheel of Death) ?
Definition: When your iPod Touch or iPhone shows the “spinning wheel” and you cannot go back to springboard.
What you Can Do: Force Restore (most of the time DFU mode)

What is Installer ?
Definition: One of two third party packaging applications. It lets you download and install applications on your device
How You do it: Jailbreaking

What is Cydia ?
Definition: Just like installer, except it’s more for developers, not regular users like Installer is.
How you do it: Install through installer.app, or get it through Winpwn or Pwnage

What is Appstore ?
Apples Installer, many popular companies like Sega and EA are developing for it. There is a down side, you have to pay for certain apps.
How get it: Updating to firmware 2.0.

What is DFU Mode ?
The way to send your iPod into recovery mode with almost no failure. DFU mode makes your ipods screen black while you are still connected to iTunes.
How You Do it: Read my guide “How to do DFU Mode.”

What is Firmware?
You software version of your iPod Touch or iPhone. There are many updates that Apple releases. The current version now is Firmware 2.1.
How you do it: Connect your ipod to your computer and click the summary tab. There it will say restore and check for update, if there is an update available it will tell you and downloaded it.

What is SSH ?
A way to tansfer files and media from your computer to your ipod via wi-fi.
How you do it: read here

What is Repository (Repo) ?
A way of a developer distributing apps through installer/cydia. For example: Once you(a Dev) makes a repo you put your apps in it then can distribute the link of the repo to others so they can install your apps via installer.

I hope this will answer some of your most common questions, and if i missed something please comment and let me know 🙂