ClearCam – 4 MP Photos on iPhone

What’s up this is AnthonyKash from over at It’s a new day and a new app out on Cydia. ClearCam boast to take your 2 megapixel iPhone and turn it into 4 megapixels. The developer’s site is located at . ClearCam offers “enhanced mode” which snaps 6 pics in 2.5 seconds and combines and enhances all the images to give you that nice 4 megapixel picture you’ve been waiting for. Because it’s a 4 megapixel image the photo’s can be enlarged with better clarity and visibly less noise.

This great app also offers the “QucikShot” setting which rapidly shoots off 4 pics and then chooses the best one and tosses the rest. The only downside is that this app costs $10 but the upside is it’s available for free , cracked wide open for all of us to use on the xSellize Cydia repo. To add the repo go to and sign up for free and add their source, to Cydia where user is your user name and pass is your password. Now remember if you like the app go out and support the developers and buy it.

murda the funky space monkey edit :

Usually for a point and shoot cam , you dont need more than , lets say , 5 MP. Although i really dont see a 4 MP quality in the pics shot with the iphone using ClearCam. iPhone’s photo camera diaphragm is too small to capture all the light and details for a 4MP quality pic.

That being said, you should really try this app, because there is a minimal but visible enhancement in the quality of the pic. BTW : trying this on a natural day light wont serve you any good. The iPhone takes beautiful pics on those conditions anyway. Play around with it, see if it suits you, and like Anthony said ( glad you pointed that out ) : if you think that this app suits you, buy it!