How to Make Money Selling Source Code

There are more ways to make money than ever before, thanks to online opportunities and platforms such as MDC ( Selling your code is one technique for doing this. There are many various methods to sell your source code for more money and passive income. We’ll take a look at some of them in this post.

What is Source Code?

A program’s source code consists of a set of instructions written by a programmer in a computer language. To teach a website, application, or another computer program, a programmer must first create a line or collection of source code in order to do so. Whenever a user clicks on a link or hyperlink on a web page, a phrase of source code in the code informs the website precisely what to do in response.

Compilers convert the source code written in text-based software like a word processing program into a form that computer programs can understand. After this translation, the source code is transformed into object code.

Source code is typically straightforward to read and comprehend since it explains a programmer’s functionality to add to an application or website.

It’s possible to store the source code on a computer, in either a database or even on the hard drive, after translation. The source code for computer programs may be printed out by programmers as well.

1. SaaS – Software as a Service

SaaS is an excellent idea of commercial model that may be used by open-source projects that have attracted a lot of interest. This approach is best suited for projects that provide a complete application, including a distribution platform, monitor tool, or online marketing tool. The developers themselves might host the program. They must, however, be responsible for security, safety, and upkeep.

SaaS-based managed services are typically more convenient and cost-effective than traditional on-premises offerings. The hosted solution costs developers a monthly subscription charge. Because of this, they may concentrate on the tool itself rather than on all of the maintenance-related responsibilities.

Furthermore, a marketer or content team may lack the technical expertise to operate a solution independently. Open-source software products may be monetized using a SaaS solution because of this.

SaaS solutions are updated automatically to keep your data safe. All problems are immediately fixed, making the system completely error-free. The new features may also be used right away. To identify the proper answers to business challenges, sell software such as SaaS solutions, enable you to take a vertical and lateral look at your company operations.

However, several developers from non-traditional experiences now have the opportunity to create a successful SaaS product even though there is a lot more to it than simply knowing how to code. If you already possess any of these talents, you may have a substantial edge here.

2. Mobile Apps Developers for Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Mobile applications are generally the first thing that comes to mind when they consider creating their products.

There are 2.7 million applications accessible on Google Apps Store and 1.8 million on the Apple Apps Store, respectively. There is a lot of competition in the mobile apps developers market right now, and for a good reason, to gain access.

However, there are still many holes in the system and new possibilities that are constantly emerging. There seem to be a lot of applications available in mobile app stores, but they aren’t all of the highest quality. You can still earn money being iOS or Android app developer if you have a unique concept that solves a need (or does it better than the competition).

Of course, the only way to guarantee total control and ownership of your software is to design it yourself. It may be pretty simple to acquire the necessary abilities. Coding services is a skill that may be learned at a regular university or via an online course.

Customer happiness may be improved with a mobile app, which is not a secret. However, it has been shown that increasing customer satisfaction typically results in more sales as well. As more existing users have a positive experience with your app templates, the desire for your goods and services will rise. Also to mention about selling them for a fair price or a reasonable price.

The apparent advantage of this path is that you’ll gain skills that you can use for the rest of your life, which will help you in the future when you’re upgrading an existing app or building new apps.

As a result, you’ll have greater creative freedom and complete control over your app’s future direction.

3. Make Money with Just a Couple of Open-Source Extensions

Extensions are little software applications that may be added to the browser to enhance the browsing experience. Many developers may find it interesting to study the possibility of creating open-source extensions with already existing, often paid for goods.

Although some developers go the additional mile and create an SDK for a computer program that encapsulates the API of the product, you might expect the open-source project to garner some attention if you’ve written an SDK or shell for a well-known API.

To begin negotiations with the firm that provides the goods, this is a great beginning place. You may, for example, inquire whether they’d be willing to contribute monetarily to the ongoing maintenance of the open-source task. As a result, some firms reward engineers for inventing tools that aid the use of their software.

When it comes to developing a plugin and a connector for a different tool, it’s conceivable. As you’ll see, developers have many options for contributing to already successful businesses while still earning a living.

Final words

It’s possible to give compensated feature requests if you chance to uncover a few businesses that are already using your project. In other words, if a corporation asks for a new feature, you create it. Pay for the features that your customers want in return for a good deal. Open-source software revenue may be generated in several ways, but this is one of the simplest. Even a modest open-source project may find a few corporations who want to use it. There are times when a freelancer’s services are more cost-effective for the client than having their engineers spend time learning the code base and developing new features.