Apple Loses Patent Case Against Motorola In Mannheim


Last week we informed you of a case in which Apple faced Samsung over patent issues relating to the 3G connection implemented within the iPhone and 3G iPad devices. These issues between Apple and Samsung have spanned over the past several weeks and are sure to persist for the next few weeks too.

This week, the Cupertino company has been forced to remove the iPhone 3G[s], iPhone 4, and iPad 3G products from its online store. The news comes from Florian Mueller over at FOSSpatents after he attended a hearing which saw Motorola beat Apple in hotly-contested court proceedings.


The Mannheim courts ruled that Apple infringed on the FRAND-pledged patents owned by Motorola which were needed to help power the connectivity of the various iDevices in question on Apple’s online store.

All those in Germany looking to purchase a new Apple mobile device need not worry too much. The iPhone 4S is still available for purchase from the online store and the various other 3G capable devices are still available in the Apple retail stores, although this might not be the case forever.

As Motorola have won this hearing, they are sure to be readying for another battle over the same issues, this time with Apple Inc, the parent company. If Motorola were to win that case, then the retail stores would also be affected.

If I were you, I would go grab an iPhone or 3G enabled iPad while you can.