XBMC Plug-Ins: Get Hulu And More On Your AppleTV 2

1. Download this zip file ( make sure to leave it as a .zip file )

2. Jailbreak ( in case you didn’t do it already. here’s our greenpois0n tutorial ) and install XBMC, either thru FireCore (paid) or NitoTV (free)

3. Once NitoTv is installed, use it to install XBMC. From there, you have to upload them to your apple tv. Use either an AFC2 app or openSSH to make an SFTP connection to the Apple TV’s IP address (find it in the ATV settings), username ‘root’ password ‘alpine’ (which is the default for ATV). The .zip files go in the /private/var/mobile/Media folder. Once there, launch XBMC on your ATV, go to settings, Addons Manager, and select the Install from zip file (it’s in there somewhere…easy to find). Then you can Activate whichever channels and options you want.


1. Here’s another cool repo for Nick and Nick jr for you folks that have kids: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Unofficial_Add-on_Repositories

Special thanks to BlueCopter4 for this. Read more on the XBMC forum…