Trip To Hackerville: The Day We Met p0sixninja

Miles outside of Atlanta, there’s a little know secret: Sitting on a secluded screened in porch, plugging away for hours a day, is one of the most well know iPhone hackers: p0sixninja. Lucky for me, I live not to far off, and had the opportunity to go for a visit. Little tip: wanna get in good? Bring presents. I had with me an un-opened, brand new AppleTV. Which at the time was as rare as hens teeth.

I got to P0sixninja’s house in the early afternoon, and was welcomed in quickly. I’m a little hard to take in at first, being all jacked up on energy drinks and coffee, plus being covered from finger to neck in tattoos, but P0six is super chill, so he just kinda rolled with it. We went out to his office to check out the AppleTV. He answered all my questions along the way about SHAtter and Greenpois0n patiently.

Quickly a snag…neither of us had a microUSB…Posix pulled out a gigantic milk crate and we dug through all the spare cables. Nothing…road trip time. We headed to the local MegaLoMart and talked along the way. We talked about how demanding people can be for jailbreak tools, and how unappreciative people can be, wether the tool is released to early, and its buggy, or if it takes to long, and looks like theres no work being done. The best statement was that, he does it for fun. If it were his “job” he wouldn’t want to do it. We talked about the jailbreak tool, and how it was going to work, he wasn’t letting out to many secrets.

Back at his place, we finally got down to business: AppleTV jailbreak. Plugging in and getting the ATV into DFU mode (that’s StealthBravo) he could access it with his PC (ugh I figured him for a Mac guy) but man, someone needs to loan him a new set up…half the keys on left hand side don’t work and he has to punch the keys that do work. But somehow he got it working. Hello AFC2…there wasn’t much else we could do at the moment, because the microUSB and HDMI plugs needed trimmed down to fit at the same time. And I had to get to my day job.

So what did I bring back from this trip? So far the iPhone devs I have met personally, are very cool, laid back, and doing it all for fun. They’re regular guys, just trying to get through the day like the rest of us. They don’t always have the latest, greatest ‘toys’, but make do with what they have.

And guess what…I saw the tool…its almost done….and I’m still waiting.