MewSeek Updated To v2.5.1. Comes Wit A Lot Of Bugfixes And Enhancements

New day, new update in Cydia: MewSeek. MewSeek is an application for live streaming and fast music downloading on iOS devices. It lets tou search and download music at an amazing speed, using either your 3G or WiFi connection ( EDGE also supported ). It also has the ability to add your downloaded music into your iPhone/iPod Touch music library, enabling you to instantly listen to it from the default music player without iTunes or any computer required.

Bugfixes / Enhancements in v2.5.1

  • Full iOS 4.1 support
  • Fixes serious bug on 3rd gen iPod touches getting their music libraries corrupted (ie “No content” in Music app and “can’t read the contents of this iPod” error in iTunes)
  • Fixes backgrounding issue on 4.x (now downloads will continue to run and won’t get paused by fast app switching)
  • Fixes crash when tapping on Downloads tab, when invalid/corrupted mp3 were there
  • Fixes issue when files that you imported in the past onto the library could never get imported again if you deleted it before and redownloaded it.
  • Fixes issue with MewSeek freezing for a while on users with large music libraries (+1500 songs).
  • Fixes crash caused by downloaded songs which didn’t stop playing if you deleted or added them to the iPod library
  • Fixes error message with MP3 that had blank titles thus not getting imported in the music library. The file name is taken as the title if tag is not present.
  • Fixed weird bug on 4.x where application would stop being usable after getting two consecutive error messages, second one having a strange “O.” black title in it.
  • Fixed bug where MewSeek would hang showing “Searching…” forever when there were actually no results found.
  • Invalid or corrupted MP3 are now marked with a red message.
  • SkreemR no longer is ‘built-in’. This means it can be removed at any time since they will be shutting down their service soon.
  • Hype Machine search engine is supported again and has been included on the engine list.
  • MewSeek will now remember the last search engine you selected
  • Autocapitalization when editing tags
  • Better error handling when internet connection is not available

In the works / Forthcoming enhancements

  • Auto-ReSync, to have all music downloaded back in your iPod library after an iTunes sync automatically (which would otherwise wipe it), thus removing the need to manually hit the ‘ReSync’ button on MewSeek, which seems like not so many users are aware of it.
  • Ability to delete already imported songs directly from MewSeek (ie no need for iTunes)
  • Artwork support when adding songs to iPod.
  • iPad-ready, improved UI (using its full resolution)

Known Issues

  • MewSeek may randomly crash unexpectedly after hitting ‘Cleanup’ on the Downloads screen.
  • Downloads with same filename get duplicated in the downloads screen, but only one file exists. Not very likely to happen tho.
  • Audio streaming stops with failure frequently on not-so-fast internet connections, even with already downloaded files. No biggie considering Audio streaming is meant for previewing songs, since the idea is to add them to your iPod library later.
  • Prostopleer engine sometimes duplicates search results.
  • There is a weird freeze happening randomly on iPads after adding music to the library. iPad will respiring after this, but downloaded songs are safe and will appear on your library.
  • Some URLs get unproperly parsed and you get a “Invalid URL” error when trying to download that song. It’s a server side bug I’m looking forward to fix soon.
  • No navigation in ‘Home’ tab may cause some unhappiness on users that want to browse my twitter from there