Siri On Non-iPhone 4S devices Without Proxies

Ok, you don’t want to take the plunge for the iPhone 4S, but you still want Siri. Greedy aren’t you. Well no need to worry as Bilal S. Sayed Ahmad from theblacknotebookinc has you covered.

Cue AssistantConnect and AssistantConnect4S. Simply Install Spire on your non-4S device along with AssistantConnect and haveAssistantConnect4S installed on yours or your friends iPhone 4S.

The apps allow the 4S to send a copy of its Authentication token to the non-4S device allowing the use of Siri without having to utilise third-party proxies.

Check out both apps in Cydia via BigBoss…

NOTE: we can’t guarantee for these apps yet. We’re in the process of testing them and will get back to you shortly…

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