Jaadu VNC for iPhone

This is a guest post by iRoc, and today he is going to fill you in on one of his most favorite apps :  Jaadu!

What exactly is Jaadu and why would I need it, You might ask. Well, let’s say you are at work and you need a file, but that file is on your computer at home. You could call home and try to talk someone through navigating to the file and sending it to you. Oh, but that almost always is a head ache at best. Wouldn’t be great if you could just get in touch with the Enterprise , and teleport back home and get the file? No Jaadu is not about to save you thousands on travel expenses or make your daily commute magically disappear. Though Jaadu was formerly known as Teleport, and it’s the next best thing to a real deal teleporter.

Jaddu will allow you to remotely access any of your computers anytime you want or need right from your iPhone. You will have 100% control over your distant computer, or the one that’s just out of arms reach if you want to roll that way. 100%? That’s right 100%!

Your desktop even shows on the iPhone screen. So you can navigate to the necessary file and send it to yourself via email, instant messenger, any way that you could send that file if you were sitting right there at your computer normally, and everyone is happy and you are the big hero of the day in your boss’s eye.

Here’s how I used it last. I was at the store and I saw a DVD for a movie I had been meaning to download and watch, but always seemed to forget when I was at my computer. So I reached in my pocket got out my iPhone called Scotty and said, “Scotty one for transport.” N o not really. I opened Jaddu selected my laptop at home. Opened Firefox, went to mininova.org and searched for the movie. Once I found it I started the download. I could even check back in periodically to see how the download was coming along. Anything you can do sitting at your computer with your keyboard and mouse you can do on the screen of your iPhone with Jaadu.

Where can I get Jaadu? Well you can get it in the App Store of course, or you can get it through Installous.  I know most of you are going to think it’s not worth the $24.99 price tag in the App Store, but it really is, because you get free updates and you get really great support. That aside the set up is the exact same.

So you’ve installed Jaadu on your iPhone. Now it’s time to setup your computer. I use windows so that is what I will explain how to set up. I also use multiple monitors on all my computers so I will be telling you how to set your computer with TightVNC-Jaadu .

The install is pretty straight forward until you get to the Select Additional Tasks page.

For Xp make sure it looks like this.

For Vista you will want it to look like this.

Read over the options you’ve selected and click Install. Depending on the specifics of your system, several different things may happen next.

If you are prompted to restart your computer, click Finish to restart and return to this step once your computer has restarted. If you do not see this message, please continue.

If this is the first time TightVNC has been installed on your machine, you may be prompted to enter a default password automatically at the end of your TightVNC installation.

If you do not see this message, you will have to manually launch TightVNC to enter a password. If the TightVNC icon appears in your taskbar, double-click it to launch TightVNC.

If the TightVNC V icon does not appear in your taskbar, from the Start Menu click All Programs > TightVNC > Launch TightVNC Server to launch TightVNC.

Enter a secure password in the Primary password box that is 8 characters or less. Make a note of your password as you will need it when setting up Jaadu on your iPhone in Step 3.3. Leave this window open and continue to the next step.

Double-click the TightVNC V taskbar icon to open the TightVNC Server Properties window if it is not already open from the previous step. Click the Hooks tab. Check the Poll full screen option and click OK.

Download and install DFMirage . This is a driver that can improve screen response time when using Jaadu. This step is optional for Windows XP users and recommended for Windows Vista users, as some Vista installations will not function without it.

Next you are going to Install Jaadu VNC Connect

Jaadu VNC Connect is a utility that runs on your PC. It automatically detects and configures your router and networking settings, and allows you to access your computer from anywhere using the Internet. Jaadu VNC Connect requires that you have either iTunes or Bonjour installed on your machine. (You should already have them installed)

Download the latest version of Jaadu VNC Connect. (This makes setup on the iPhone automatic!) When you open Jaadu it will search your wifi network for any computers running Jaadu VNC Connect)

Run the Jaadu VNC Connect installer and click Next to progress through the Welcome, Select Installation Folder, and Confirm Installation setup windows. Click Close to complete the installation once you reach the Installation Complete window. Jaadu VNC Connect is now installed on your computer.

From the Start Menu, click All Programs > Jaadu > Jaadu VNC Connect to run Jaadu VNC Connect. Make sure that you do not have any ports forwarded to your computer from your router. Jaadu VNC Connect will do that for you.

After 10 to 20 seconds, Jaadu VNC Connect will display Status: Sharing On if it is running successfully.

If Jaadu VNC Connect encounters an error, it will display Status: Sharing Off, and a support link will appear in the Log window. Click this link to receive customized troubleshooting information.

Running Jaadu

Tap the Jaadu vortex on your home screen to launch Jaadu on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Your Windows PC should automatically appear in the Discovered Servers list in blue. (Connections you add manually will be in black)

Tap your PC in the Discovered Servers list to open the New Server window. (On your screen it will have a white button at the bottom that says Save Server, instead of the red Delete Server button.)

Tap the password box and enter the secure password you chose in Step 1.3 when setting up TightVNC. Enter your password and tap Save Server. Your PC should now appear in the Saved Servers list in blue.

Tap your PC in the Saved Servers list to connect to your computer. If you are able to see your PC desktop on your iPhone after several seconds, you’ve connected successfully.

If you like the app and find it as useful as I do go a head and buy it in the App Store. Free updates remember!