JailBird for iPhone and iPod Touch

What’s up everyone this is AnthonyKash from over at TheNovus.net and I’m here to give a review on a new jailbreaking tool called Jailbird . This app allows users to jailbreak and unlock their devices. It’s similar to the Pwnage tool that can only be used on a Mac, Jailbird lets you create custom IPSW’s with the option to increase root partitions. With the option to create your own custom IPSW’s it gives you the ability to create just one IPSW to be used over and over every time you want to restore your device. This new app will also give you the ability to create custom root partition sizes which can come in very handy. I learned this first hand when recently when my root partition started running out of room quick! I was forced to download a hacked version of OS X Tiger to be installed on VM Ware in order to run Pwnage tool to create my own custom IPSW with a larger root partition. What a pain the ass, it took me two hours to get everything right and the VM Ware Mac ran slow as crap. Jailbird is not out yet but will be available for beta testers for those that qualify. This app will truly be a welcomed newcomer to the jailbreakng community. You can learn more about this app at the developers site at http://getjailbird.com/. I would also like to thank Murda for letting me post over here on his massively awesome blog. I would also like to welcome everyone to come stop in over at TheNovus.net, we are a new site with no bullshit only good people. Thanks everyone AnthonyKash.