HowTo: Use BossPaper v0.91 Beta For iPhone and iTouch

So, we already established that BigBoss released BossPaper in beta version for testers and how to get it because it is on BigBoss’s beta repo which you might now have access to, unless you tweak Cydia a lil’ bit.

So , let’s say you already installed the new repo, and also installed BossPaper. When you get back to your SpringBoard you will notice two new icons: one for BossPaper and one for logmailer

How to use BossPaper

Before we begin to take a look at the actual app and what you can do with it, make sure you have a couple of wallpapers on your iPhone or iTouch. If you dont have any wallpapers, and you dont know where to get it, FSMdotCOM and BigBoss will be your saviors:

  • You can find 2 packs of gorgeous wallpapers on FSMdotCOM : here and here
  • BigBoss posted a couple of wallpaper packs in Cydia. You can find them if you search for BossPaper

When you first load BossPaper you will see a bunch of settings that you can use to makes this app look and feel the way you want to. Let’s take a look at each and every one of them and see what they can do for us

Of course, i dont think i even have to mention this, you will have to turn the app ON in order to use it. To do this just turn the switch from OFF to ON where it says BossPaper Enabled. When you will turn BossPaper ON, you will be informed to go to Winterboard and disable all themes that rotate background .


This is where you set the wallpapers folder and tell the app where to get the wallpapers. When you tap on folders, you will get a blank screen that says “No folders. Use ADD button” . So all you have to do is to tap on the “Add” button at the top of the screen in order to set the folder where your wallpapers are.

Individual Pictures

You will notice that it says : Not Done Yet!!! …. Remember this app is still in beta and it was released for testers

Dock Images

Here you will be able to change your Dock. Basically you will have 4 options: Stock iPhone Dock, No Dock, Short Transparent Dock and Short Stock Dock.


A whole bunch of transitions for you to use. Transitions are effects, that you can choose to use when the app is changing your iPhone/iTouch’s background

On App Close

No idea what this one does…

Change On Timer , Transition Interval and Transition Lenght

This is where you choose if you want the wallpapers to change on the time interval you set, how long should a wallpaper stay on your screen and how long should the transition be


Don’t see no changes when you change the value. Do you see them?

Hide Icon Labes and Hide Dock Labels

Every icon you have on your Springboard has the name of the app below it. The same thing goes for the Dock. IF you dont want to have the app name on your screen turn this two options ON.

How to use LogMailer

This is the app you can use to send BigBoss your BossPaper’s activity log IF you encountered any issue with the app. Thats why this is released to testers, so people can test it, and if anything goes wrong, BigBoss should be informed.