HowTo: Get BossPaper From BigBoss’s Beta Repo In Cydia

If you already saw my previous article, BossPaper v0.91 Beta Released in Cydia For Testers , i bet you were loading Cydia while reading and searched for BossPaper. Changes are that (maybe) 98% of you didnt find the app in Cydia.

That murda is a lying mofo, omg i so hate him right now, arghhh!!! Well, not really! There is a reason why you couldnt find the app in Cydia. The app is available in bigboss’s beta repo, and you dont have it. Why? Because chances are that when you first load Cydia you chose the “User” Profile and the beta repo is only available for “Hacker” or “Developer” profiles.

Don’t worry, you dont have to reinstall Cydia for that. Just go to “Manage” and tap settings at the top of the screen. There you can choose your new profile. Make sure you choose “Hacker” or “Developer” this time. Next thing you need to do is tap on the “Search” tab, and search for “bossbetarepo” . Install the repo and you should have BossPaper and the additional wallpaper packs from bigboss. After you installed the repo, you can also search for bosspaper.

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