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Confirmed: Scott Yatur’s iPhone Baseband 05.11.07 Unlock Is FAKE

Yesterday we told you Scott Yatur and his “successful” baseband 05.11.07 unlock. We also told you , that we got the exploit and we strongly believe it’s a fake, but we had to test it before we confirm it. Well… its a trick not a treat.

Running the exploit we received errors each time. Talking with iH8Sn0w, we found out he got the same errors as we did.

Today on twitter, Scott sent out a message that he is out, and a link to the… surprise surprise …. appuloha1l site. Remember them? Later that tweet was deleted

In the words of Public Enemy , from now on we advise you to “don’t believe the hype” and patiently wait for trusted devs ( iPhone DevTeam or GeoHot ) to release exploits that are real and work.