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Scott Yatur: Fully Unlocked iPhone Baseband 05.11.07 ?

As i was writing my previous article, about blacksn0w ( geohot’s upcoming unlock for baseband 05.11.07 ) , i received an email from Zeke with a couple of pictures and an interesting story.  This dude, Scott Yatur, seems to manage to fully unlocked his iPhone on baseband 05.11.07.

( click on image to expand to full size )

Scott also posted a video which shows that the iPhone works with an unofficial SIM:

Zeke exchanged quite a few emails with Scott. Zeke says it’s “clearly him out and he stops responding, no denial or anything…”. Scott is also a gangster among geeks ( or con artists ) . On twitter, he gave an 24 hours ultimatum to MuscleNerd and co. , otherwise he will publicly post the exploit.

One thing i said before and i will keep on saying, is that you never go after the pioneers. Not even if you are better than them. Doesn’t matter , you don’t do it out of respect and love for the game. This is an unwritten law.

Anyway, if it is fake or not, we don’t know yet. We can just assume. We have Scott’s exploit and we will test it. If successful, DO NOT expect us to post it. We don’t own the rights over it. But we will keep you updated. Stay tuned…