Apple Scared Of Jailbreking Community, Looks To Hire Security Exploits Engineers

Apple seems to be overwhelmed by the jailbreaking community and they are looking to hire engineers specialized in security exploits.” The team is responsible for secure booting and installation of the OS, partitioning and hardening of security domains within the OS, cryptographic services, and risk analysis of security threats. The team is made up of a variety of security experts with backgrounds in system security and reverse engineering.”

This position requires a very technical and hands-on leader, someone with a passion for understanding security exploits and coming up with innovative methods to create secure platforms. You must be a highly self-motivated individual who seeks to create a dynamic and creative team environment in which old problems are solved in new and innovative ways.

They are trying to increase security of the iPhone/iTouch while booting and when installing the OS. Also they talk about a partition encryption service, which means they want to prevent installation of custom firmwares.

This all sounds really bad, but the worst thing that they can do to us, is to delay all the future hacks. As long as trusted and devoted people like the iPhone DevTeam won’t join the dark side we are safe.

This is not something that you can learn at school. It is beyond all of that, and it is called “passion”. Just like Apple has an enormous passion for their products.

Good luck Apple, i wish you the best, but as long as there will be phones, there will be phreaking.

[thx Andrea]