New LockScreen Weather Theme: WedaPanel

This to me has got to be one of the best looking Lockscreen weather mods I have yet to see. Its got great icons, nice backgrounds, and all the information you’ll need about the weather. Forecast, moon phases…its all there. It’s fully skinable (with instructions) for those do it your-selfers out there. This is not available in Cydia, and you will need to manually edit a file and SSH it into your themes folder. So you’ll need a text editor, and a way to get into the root of you iDevice, I my self use text edit, and Disk Aid


  • Automatic data binding (via class names) to your theme.
  • Choice of multiple weather sources.
  • Reliable update intervals.
  • Flexible image “mapping” – allows you to map image sets to your theme without have to name images to conform to an arbitrary standard.
  • Supports time based images (24 hour).
  • Supports “sky” based images (day/night plus weather condition).
  • Extensive lunar data support.
  • “callbacks” to notify your theme of wĕda events.
  • wĕda uses jQuery.

The developer says he “threw the radar concept in at the last minute – it’s somewhat limited in it’s capability.”

To configure it, find an image on your local news web site, or, etc. Right-click and view the properties, then copy it’s URL (it must be an image – .png, .gif, .jpg). Paste URL into the settings.xml file.

Once you have it working, you can two-finger scroll the image – although it won’t remember the position…

I’ve have just started using this, and have not noticed any impact on battery. It’s not to say that it doesn’t have some impact – I just don’t think it’s noticeable.


  • backgrounds: 24 hour Bliss walls by Doreen
  • weather icons: Stardock corporation
  • moon icons: Yahoo


  • Download and unzip
  • Edit wedaPanel.theme\weda\settings.xml for your location

  • Copy to the themes folder on your iphone

  • Select wedaPanel in Winterboard

  • Enjoy!


  • wĕda skinning guide