Firewall iP: Firewall For Yur iPhone/iPod Touch Now Live

We showed you the early screen shots its live. The first Firewall app for your iPhone/iPod Touch. Firewall iP allows you block/allow incoming and outgoing connections. It warns you if any attempt at a connection is made and shows you the host name.

The application will work in two parts: The first will exploit the MobileSubstrate, and it remains active in the background, but it will provide a decent overall speed, remaining within the limits of RAM memory usage. When you load an application, the firewall will bring up a pop-up menu where you can  find out what you are trying to access. You can:

  • Allow the connection only once
  • Lock the connection only once
  • Always allow the connection
  • Always block the connection
  • Allow any request for a specific application
  • Block any request for a specific application

The second part of the application, you can access through the icon on your springboard and will be useful to modify and / or cancel the rules set to certain applications.

You can find Firewall iP in Cydia Store for $1.99