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WriteRoom – Professional Replacement for on Your iPhone ( .ipa )

Now if you just take a look at this app, you might notice nothing special about it. You will only notice the unusual (maybe) black background and the landscape keyboard with the option to email the documents.

WriteRoom is not Microsoft Word. It won’t generate a table of contents, it won’t place borders around your documents, and it doesn’t have an animated paper-clip looking over your shoulder. Instead WriteRoom just provides the essential features required to get words on the page. Stay focused with WriteRoom’s distraction free environment. Stay on track with word count. Stay safe with autosave. You just type, and WriteRoom will do its best to stay out of your way.

Now , have you noticed something new, a button maybe in the first picture? If you did, you might even recognize the symbol on it. That is a network sharing button. Basically you can share your documents over a network via WiFi , and using a browser, you can add documents , delete documents and/or edit the existing documents.

How to do it? Just tap the button and than fire up a browser , type and your there. Now it says that this feature its not password protected yet and if you are on a network with many users, you might want to turn on that feature. To be honest, i have no idea how to turn it on . There is no option inside the app, there is no option inside the browser.

The official website says that this app requires mac OSX 10.4 and later. There are also some info on sharing inside the app : ” Open Safari’s bookmarks view and click on the “Bonjour” collection. Click on WriteRoom’s sharing service to view and edit your iPhone documents. ” . I still have no idea how to set a password on windows/firefox.

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Buy it from appstore for $4.99 here

Download .ipa file from rapidshare, sendspace and mediafire