uQuery: The AppStore Search Engine

A recent TechCrunch report shows us that, on average, an iPhone user spends around $80 on iPhone apps. That is a lot of apps, and with over 60.000 apps in the appstore, finding the ones that you really want can be a real pain in the ass. A search engine for iPhone apps can be really useful if there was one… and there is: uQuery

uQuery took the look, feel and usability of Google and made a search engine for the AppStore ( Google patented their genius minimalist design for the search engine, so i dont really know if this wont be a problem )  .

The search engine comes really handy if you’re looking for something in particular or you only have a vague idea about what your looking for. You can look for apps based on their price ( from free to above $19.99 ), you can look for apps based on time periods ( from past 24 hours to past year ), or you can browse categories.You also have a “Recent Apps” column on the right side of the screen which basically displays “premium apps” which means that the developers paid a fee , so their apps will be in the SERPS ( search engine results page ) regardless if the app is or isnt relevant to what the user is searching for ( basic search engine monetization )

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When you click on an application, you will be taken to a page which is similar to the one you will find in iTunes where you can find some info about the app, screenshots of the app, a button that will take you to iTunes and a button to tweet about that application.

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I dont know if uQuery will have the traction of a real search engine, but i suggest you give it a try, see what its capable of and let us know what you think in the comments…