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HowTo: Fix Cydia Crash After BigBoss’s Repo Update

Earlier today, FSMdotCOM informed you that BigBoss made their beta repo private. BigBoss created that repo for all the people who wanted to try and test packages before they were released.

Since curiosity kills the cat, everybody wanted to try out their stuff, and not everybody was “worthy” for that repo, and it cause some problems for a lot of people. Therefor BigBoss asked Saurik to release an update for the BigBoss repo, that will automatically remove the beta repo from Cydia.

Nothing wrong so far, it was good while it was here but since the update many users reported that Cydia is crashing (again). We’ve got a lot of emails about this, and a couple of comments on the previous post.

There is an easy fix for this tho, and we actually covered this fix a couple of months ago, when we first had problems with Cydia because of the BigBoss repo. Easy fix, read it here and  enjoy Cydia again …