BigBoss’s Beta Repo is Private Now

You might remember that about a month ago, you could get BossPaper from BigBoss’s beta repo in Cydia. BigBoss created that repo for all the people who wanted to try and test packages before they were released.

It turns out that many users that did not fit the above description installed this repository anyway. In addition, all sources packages included it.Those “all sources” packages are dangerous and no one should ever install them.

The result of all this is that a bunch of end users have installed my latest beta updates intended for beta testers only. Due to that, I now have had Saurik release an update of the bigboss repository that conflicts with the beta repository. This will uninstall the beta repository from everyone when they upgrade the main source.

I will be posting the beta repository URL for users to manually type in for each beta test in the future and I will expect only users capable fo debugging problems (without complaining mind you) will install it.

[via BigBoss]