Tshirt OS: World’s First Wearable, Washable, Sharable and Programmable T-shirt [video]

London-based interactive clothing companys Cutecircuit has teamed up with Scotch whiskey distillers Ballantine’s to create the world’s first wearable, washable, sharable and programmable T-shirt for digital creativity.

As a futuristic approach to the original canvas of personal expression, the digital T-shirt, entitled ‘tshirtOS’, can be personalized and controlled using an iPhone app via wireless connection.

Ballantine’s hopes that the digital T-shirt would help its wearer leave an impression—with the iOS app, as well as the T-shirt’s inbuilt camera, microphone, accelerometer and speakers.

Users can display tweets, share music, take photos and share photos with their tshirtOS.

tshirtOS is currently unavailable. However, Ballantine’s and Cutecircuit are willing to make it available for everyone to buy, if enough people want it and share the video of the product on Twitter.