Review: iCarbons Apple TV 2nd Gen Cover + aTV Cover Giveaway!

On to day three! Up next we have the Apple TV cover from iCarbons for your reviewing pleasure.

Before you do anything, stop and look over at your Apple TV. Some might argue it has it’s own air of beauty around it, but most of us when we look at it don’t have much of an opinion. This is because it is nothing more then a little shiny black hockey puck of a thing. When was the last time you bragged on how cool your Apple TV looked?  Likely never. Why? Simply put, its boring.

All that changes now. iCarbons has yet again stepped up to the bat with an innovative skin designed to take that boring little hockey puck off ice, and replace it with spectacular. With skins ranging in design from black and white carbon fiber, to dark and light wood, these skins cover your Apple TV in an air of awesomeness with an effect akin to that of a high dollar makeover on a fugly girl (meaning, yes it is still a tiny black box, but at least now its a pretty to look at).

Additionally, iCarbons has recently added even more awesomeness to the mix with a complete skin for your remote as well! This skin matches the pattern used to spectacularize your Apple TV, so it completes the package nicely.

The only downside that I have found while testing this skin, is that the remote cover adds significant depth to the already concave menu button. This awkward feeling passes however, after several days of use.

So in short, as with everything else this company produces, its awesomeness speaks for itself in the pictures. Go get one here.

You know what comes next! GIVEAWAY TIME! Today the lucky winner(s) will receive an Apple TV cover of their very own!

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See you tomorrow for the next product, and your next chance to win some cool iCarbons swag!