Review: iCarbons Macbook Covers + Exclusive Giveaway

First of all, I would like to welcome you all to iCarbons week here at FSM! This promises to be an awesome week, full of great products and even better giveaways! So without further stalling… let’s jump right into it!

For our first feature this week, we have the iCarbons Macbook Cover. Now I don’t know about you, but personally the idea of walking around with a big clunky case on my MacBook is a bit of a downer. For starters, it hides the elegance that was so painstakingly created by our favorite company. Additionally they add weight and just make things cumbersome. Unfortunately these detractors are a necessity to keep our computers beautiful, even if it’s only on the inside.

That is, or was, until the introduction of the iCarbons skin. Made of the same stuff they use to skin race cars and those crazy looking street rods we have all seen in the movies, it complements your MacBook’s natural aesthetic, hugging the curves of your machine like expensive jeans on a beautiful woman. Now, I’m perfectly aware that skins have been around for ages and the concept is nothing new, but what makes these covers special is their implementation and design.

iCarbons could have chosen to cover every square inch of the computer with some cheap, thin, tacky membrane originally designed to cover textbooks. Instead they chose to cover only the most handled portions with a premium wrap. The effect is quite breathtaking and beautiful in contrast. For this application they offer an array of designs including both white and black carbon fiber (seen here), as well as dark and light shades of wood. These wraps not only look amazing, but they feel great as well. If I hadn’t personally applied this carbon fiber skin to my MacBook, I would have been hard to convince that it wasn’t real.

Simply put, it’s an awesome product. I challenge you to find a better protective solution for the money. Go grab one here!

Down to business. To start the week off with something really special, we are proud to announce that the giveaway for the day is a FSM exclusive. You literally can’t get one of these ANYWHERE else! It is my pleasure to announce, iCarbons latest product, a cover system designed for Sony’s latest handheld gaming device, the PSP Go!

As a reminder, here is how to enter…

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All winners will be announced Friday after the final review!

See you tomorrow for the next product, and your next chance to win some cool iCarbons swag!