Review: iCarbons iPhone Covers + iPhone Cover Giveaway

It’s day two of our little iCarbons extravaganza. Next up we have iCarbon’s solution for the iPhone 4 (and possibly the iPhone 5 if you believe some of the rumors floating around out there).

The iPhone 4, as you well know is the pinnacle of mobile elegance. With its industrial design accented by shimmering glass and bright stainless steal, it’s arguably the finest piece of eye candy on the market today. So, why put a case on it? Well as you also know, glass scratches and scuffs, and don’t forget the damage inflicted when dropped from a height.

There are a lot, and I do mean A LOT, of case solutions out there to keep our precious phones safe… but the problem is that the vast majority of them, even the slim ones, add A LOT of bulk. This little fact keeps a large number of us “going naked” and just hoping for the best.

Enter iCarbons.

What better way to accent any beauty in your life then to surround it with carbon fiber? With available options available in black and white carbon, as well as various shades of wood, these cases do nothing but add to the beauty of your device. After application they add almost no weight or thickness, and while they won’t protect from a hard drop (you will find your phone will work best when this is avoided anyway), scratches are ancient history.

Like a lot of iCarbons products, application can be a bit tricky in some parts. I found the antenna band to be fairly frustrating to apply as it is matched PERFECTLY and as such leaves for very little margin for error. Just be REALLY careful and go slowly… you will do fine. The most important thing to remember with this film is DO NOT PRESS IT DOWN TILL YOU’RE READY FOR IT TO STAY!!! While tacky on its own, those little diamonds on the underside act as suction cups and make it a lot harder to remove without warping the film after its been pressed down.

You will find that your patience is soon rewarded. The end result is truly breathtaking. Go get one here.

One little caveat, as you will discover after install, the sides of the film on the antenna band can be a little sharp. This will dull after a few days of use as the film sets. No worries.

Now, down to business. For the lucky winners today we have either a white or a black iPhone cover set of your very own! You should know what to do at this point, but if not, check the rules below.

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All winners will be announced Friday after the final review!

See you tomorrow for the next product, and your next chance to win some cool iCarbons swag!