Want To Replace Apple’s White Earbuds? Check Urbanears Medis Earphones

Even though Apple’s white earbuds are iconic and you can recognize them anywhere, that’s pretty much all you can say about them. They are uncomfortable and the sound quality is pretty poor. So if you get a new iPhone 4 and maybe a bumper case, you might also be looking for a new pair of earbuds. Well, Stockholm based collective Urbanears are adding a new in-ear set to their collection: Medis.

What makes the Medis unique, apart from the number of color-ways, is how it sits in your ear. The Medis uses the patented EarClick solution to secure the earpiece at two separate points to the outer canal of your ear rather than one, relieving pressure to a nearly non-existent level while keeping it firmly in place. Meaning the days of uncomfortable in-ears that repeatedly fall out are over.

The Medis will come with a microphone and remote compatible with most devices and they will be available in July in 12 twelve colors. The price is €50 ( around $61 ). Check the gallery below…