BiteSMS 4.9 Beta 2 Compatible With iOS 4

BiteSMS has released a public beta to start iOS4 compatibility. This is a beta release, so expect bugs.

Just add to your Cydia repos to give it a try. You will have to reboot manually, as a regular re-spring wont let it show up on the springboard.

So far the only real bug I have is on the lockscreen, when using QuickCompose, it brings up the unlock keypad. More annoying than a bug.

Notes from the beta release:

  • Port of biteSMS Release 4.8 to work on Apple Firmware O/S 4 including full optimized (quicker than native Messaging app) backgrounding.
  • Bunch of bug fixes from Release 4.8

This version is still not working 100% correctly on O/S 4 specifically:

  • Landscape issues with QC and QR in unlock mode
  • Issues if iPhone or biteSMS Passcode is on.
  • Some issues with Google ads.
  • Issues with Cut&Paste menu sometimes appearing.
  • Performance issues in QR using contact pictures.