Debloating Windows 10

Windows is a nightmare, but IF you have to use it here’s how to debloat it

I’ll be honest… the last Windows release that I’ve actually used was Windows XP. I’ve ran Linux and turned my PC into a hackintosh. Moved from hackintosh to actual Macs and so on. I’ve installed Windows 8.1 in a viritual machine to check it out and it was a nightmare. I didn’t even know how to shut it down. I just forced shut down the VM and deleted it.

But recently, I had to install Windows 10 on a friend’s machine. I tried to explain that Windows 10 is a privacy nightmare and there’s better OS choices out there, but he insisted so I didn’t push.

Long story short here’s how to debloat, stop telemetry and automatic updates on Windows 10. There’s a shitload more to do, which I won’t go into becasue I refuse to promote Windows ( even though I respect people’s OS choices as long as they know the risks/benefits ). Just know that at the end of the day there’s no silver bullet when it comes to closed-source, proprietary OS’ ( macOS included ).

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An Easier and Faster Way to Spoof the MAC Address of Your Mac

an easy and fast way to spoof the MAC address of your Mac computer.

A couple of weeks ago FSM published a tutorial, showing you how to spoof the MAC address of your computer.  The tutorial also explains why you should consider spoofing the MAC address.

The only problem with the tutorial, at least for (some/most?) Mac users, is that it shows you how to spoof the MAC address using the terminal. And that stands against everything that’s holy and sacred in the macOS world. The it just works philosophy does not apply anymore. Let’s fix it…

Enter LinkLiar, an app that just works….

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Calculator N+ : A Poweful Open Source Math Solver

a poweful free and open source computer algebra system app

If you’re a student, a teacher or work in the STEM field there’s an app you should really check out: Calculator N+. A powerful scientific calculator app for your Android device, that’s free, open source, has no ads and will cover all of your math needs.

The power of the application is through the use of the Symja library. The results are displayed by Latex. The calculator does not show the steps to solve the equations, system of equations, derivative etc,  only for the final result.

You can download Calculator N+ from Google Play or build it from source code.

HOW TO: Create Stronger Passwords

A password is the most widely used form of authentication around the world. It’s imperial to create strong passwords that will keep your accounts safe.

Year after year the most common passwords discovered in various data breaches, include the same “123456”, “qwerty” and “password”. It’s the end of 2019 and it’s time to change that.

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