Barrier: A Free, Open-Source and Cross-Platform Alternative to Synergy

Eliminate the barrier between your machines.

You’ve probably heard of Synergy before. If you didn’t, Synergy is a piece of software that allows you to shares one mouse and one keyboard between multiple computers.

A great piece of software that costs $29 for the basic version and $39 for the pro version.

If you’d love to have the capabilities that Synergy provides but don’t want to fork over $29, you should check out Barrier which is free, open-source and cross-platform.

Synergy started as an open source project. So the guys over at Barrier forked that original Synergy project, updated it and kept it’s minimalistic design.

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AltStore: An Open-Source iOS App Store. No Jailbreak Required

Install third party app on your iOS devices. No jailbreak required.

When it comes to installing apps on iOS devices you have two choices – either stay inside Apple’s walled garden and install apps from the App Store or you jailbreak.

Most people are more than happy with the App Store. Jailbreaking on the other hand, while attractive, is definitely not for everybody.

Well what if want to install third party apps on your iOS devices without jailbreaking and without depending on the App Store?

AltStore might just be what you’re looking for…

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HOW TO: Turn On Automatic HTTPS Upgrade in Safari on iOS 13

How to turn on automatic HTTPS upgrade in Safari on iOS 13

In iOS 13 go to Settings>Safari>Advanced>Experimental Features> turn on Automatic HTTPS upgrade.

HTTPS is a protocol that provides secure Internet transactions between web browsers and web sites. You can check to see if the web page you are visiting uses HTTPS by making sure that the URL at the top of your browser begins with HTTPS rather than HTTP. The “S” stands for secure. Some browsers also indicate that you are using a secure connection by displaying a closed lock in the corner of the browser.

HTTPS protects users from certain kinds of Internet surveillance. By encrypting your connection, HTTPS prevents eavesdroppers from seeing the contents of your communication with a website, including potentially sensitive data such as the contents of your email and chats, login credentials, search terms, and credit card numbers. Many sites support the use of HTTPS, but may not turn it on by default. Other sites have failed to implement HTTPS at all.

Learn more about HTTPS here.


Dozer: A Free and Open Source Alternative to Bartender App for Mac

Free and open source app that hides status bar icons to give your Mac a cleaner look

Almost every top/must have/best Mac apps list in existence for the past couple of years is recommending Bartender – a simple app that hides away menu bar icons until you need them and so both saves space and stops distractions.

So far so good. The only problem with the app is that it costs $15. I mean, when you pay a few thousand bucks for a non user upgradable, with no ports, that breaks easily and it’s super hard to repair laptop, yeah… 15 bucks for an app seems like a bargain.

But what if i told you that you can get the same functionality, for free, from an open source app? Enter Dozer….

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HOW TO: Find Social Media Accounts by Username

an easy way to find usernames across social media networks

Over the time you’ve created quite a few profiles on different services and, chances are, you used the same username for all of them.  ( hopefully not the same password – never use the same password everywhere. Use a password manager like KeePass or Bitwarden ).

It’s definitely a good idea to audit your username(s) and delete those profiles if you’re not using them anymore. And to make your job easier, you can hunt down your username(s) across a vast list of services using Sherlock.

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