ZiGGY: World’s First Mobile Robotic EV Charger

ZiGGY – a mobile robotic EV charger that drives to you and will even save you a parking spot until you get there.

Owning an electric car is cool, but finding a charging station is a headache when you’re out and about.

EV Safe Charge wants to change that with ZiGGY, a mobile EV charging platform that drives to you.

ZiGGY will not only drive to a specific car parking space, but it can also save your spot until you get there.

All you need to do is download the dedicated app, book your charge, and follow the navigator to get there.

By reducing ( or even eliminating ) the costs involved in installing stationary infrastructure, ZiGGY offers a flexible and cost-effective charging solution.

ZiGGY is fitted with cameras on all four sides, a front headlight, a tail light, and a safety sensor band.

The mobile EV charging platform has four wheels and all-wheel steering to ensure it can get up and down ramps, maneuver over speed bumps, and turn tight corners.

ZiGGY is also equipped with large screens on two sides, which offer advertising opportunities and EV charging services.

To learn more about ZiGGY, check out EV Safe Charge’s website.