iOS 11.3 is Now Available to Download

Apple finally releases iOS 11.3


Apple publicly rereleased iOS 11.3. The new iOS update introduces new features including ARKit 1.5 with support for more immersive augmented reality experiences, iPhone Battery Health (Beta), new Animoji for iPhone X users, and more. This update also includes stability improvements and bug fixes.

Jump over the break to check out what’s new in iOS 11.3 …

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Anamorphic Lens for the iPhone, Galaxy and Pixel Devices [video]

Shoot amazing cinematic video on your iPhone, Galaxy, or Pixel device. Now you can make your small camera as good as your big camera.

Don’t want to use YouTube? Here’s the Hooktube link

Moment is making the legendary anamorphic lens available for the iPhone, Galaxy and Pixel devices. For more info check out the video above and the official Kickstarter page

AdGuard Pro for iOS is Now 50% Off

AdGuard Pro for iOS is now 50% off in the App Store. But for a limited time only…

AdGuard for iOS is now 50% off in the App Store [limited time – direct link]. The free version is a great way to block ads in Safari. But if you pay for the app, which is now only $0.99, you can do so much more with it.

You will be able to select different DNS providers ( or add your own ) for enhanced parental control, protection from phishing and malware and shielding your DNS traffic against interception and snooping. This way you will also be able block in-app ads too.

There’s also a Privacy module that detects trackers in real time and lets you decide which to block and which to let through. It also includes popular adblock filter subscriptions such as EasyList, EasyPrivacy, Fanboy’s Annoyances, Malware Domains.

You can also import custom hosts file. Up until now, you could edit the iOS device’s hosts file only if you were jailbroken.

The new update, which was released a few hours ago, comes with a redesigned dark theme look and DNSCrypt support.

All in all this seems to be the best AdBlocker app in the App Store right now. The fact that it blocks in-app ads will do it for most people, but I suggest you spend some time with its settings and research how can you set it up to get maximum protection while not affecting usability. Also keep an eye on trackers the first time you open an app ( and maybe a good idea to keep an eye on the trackers after you apply app updates ). See what connections it makes and blacklist useless crap and known offenders like Google services, Facebook/Instagram.

KeePassXC: A Starter Guide

a free and open source password manager that puts you in full control

We all need and use password. The passwords we use should be complex and unique. Password re-use is a huge problem with large data breaches becoming more and more common these days, with billions of data records lost or stolen since 2013.

So how are we suppose to remember tens of strong, complex and unique passwords? We don’t! We only need to remember one good password and use a password manager.

There’s a whole bunch of password managers available, and most of them are not free. Some of them even offer subscriptions. I don’t know about you, but I find the idea of renting software retarded.

Some vendors even advertise their password managers as “military grade” or “bank level” secure. But how can you be 100% sure your data is actually stored securely? There certainly was no lack of breaches and vulnerabilities found with most of the popular password managers in the past.

Using the built-in manager of your favorite browser is definitely not a good idea either.

Ideally we would use a password manager that we’re in full control of.

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