eul: A Free and Open Source Mac System Monitor

eul is a free and open source Mac system monitor that lives in your Menu Bar. An alternative or replacement for the popular, but closed sourced, iStat Menus ($10).


Being written 100% in Swift, eul requires at least macOS 10.15 Catalina to properly run. It also works on M1 Macs ( and presumably it will work on M2 Macs as well )


eul is available in the Mac App Store however it’s an outdated version. Installation is not advised. Instead, you should install eul using Hombrew.

Once Homebrew is up and running on your Mac, the command you need to run in order to install eul is: brew install --cask eul


Open up eul, which is installed on your Mac just like any other macOS app, and you’ll notice it running in your Menu Bar. Click on it, and first thing you shoud do is check the app’s preferences.

eul’s settings are pretty self explanatory: choose your prefered language, temperature scale, tweak the UI ( I suggest going with the “single line” text display ), choose what you want to display in the Menu Bar etc.

Another cool feature of eul is the widgets it comes with, specifically it comes with a widget for: Battery, CPU, Memory and Network.

You can add eul’s widgets in the Notification Center just like any other widgets ( Apple or thir party )

If you’re looking for a system monitor for your Mac, I suggest giving eul a try. Alternatively you can also check out iStat Menus, however it will cost you $10 ( 14-day free trial available ).