O2 Says iPhone Video Calls Prices, Listed Over The Weekend Was Just An… Error

Over the weekend we reported that UK carrier O2 updated their iPhone pricing lists, and reveled that iPhone 4G will do video chat. The story was quickly picked up by every tech site on the web ( you’d think that a trained journalists would quote the source huh? ha, think again… ) and O2 had a busy Monday morning.

This may come as a shock to you but, according to company representatives, the price listing showing fees for iPhone video calls was actually an error. Now this might be just me, but an error would be to misspell the word iPhneo, not to list prices for video calls, especially after system files dedicated to video calls were discovered in the latest SDK.

The iPhone section of our Web site states video calling is charged at the same price as voice calls. We can confirm that this was listed in error. We will be amending our website shortly to clarify this.

Now, these are just rumors and you need to digest them as such. No system files or carrier *errors* can guarantee us that we will get a front facing camera in the next gen iPhone. Even if Apple has something like that planned, they can pull it out 5 minutes before the keynote starts. So , don’t hold your breath….