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BlackSwan: Use Google Voice On Your iPhone

Back in December, we told you that VoiceCentral is bringing Google Voice back to the iPhone via MobileSafari. Code name: Black Swan. Following up the story, today we’re going to take a look at this beautiful bird.

Voice Central’s Black Swan wrapper for Google Voice is up and running. I just received an email, saying my account is now active, and I can now log into my account. Black Swan is a web app that allows you to access your Google Voice account, much like the Google Web app. Saving a bookmark to your homescreen allows you to check your Call, SMS and VoiceMail history.

Two different versions are available, the Free version is ad-supported and provides all of the basic functionality for the casual user including the ability to import contacts from your Google account, dial using Google Voice, and access to your 20 most recent voicemails, calls, and SMS conversations. A Premium Subscription allows you to remove ads, access more of your Google Voice data including contact photos, and enable additional features such as the highly requested “Do Not Disturb” and Favorites. Premium subscribers also have the option to submit support requests for a live response within 24 hours.

Is this any better than Googles own web app? Only time will tell. And if you’re already jailbroken, GVmobile is available through Cydia. Check it out as well. Google voice is only available in the US, and none of these apps work, if you do not already have a Google Voice account.