UK Carrier O2 Updates iPhone Plans And Reveals That iPhone 4G Will Do Video Chat

In the past we talked about the fact that Apple leaks itself, and also we showed you how and why they do that. But before Apple does that, we can benefit from all the mistakes committed by various mobile operators.

In January, T-Mobile Germany messed up, revealing the iPad prices for Europe . Now, two months later, UK’s O2 updated their iPhone plans, adding prices for video calls. System files in the latest SDK shows that the next gen iPhone will do video calls, and O2’s mistake confirms that the next gen iPhone will feature a front camera.

As you can see in the screenshot above ( you can also check O2’s official site ), the cockney  iPhone users will be able to make video calls at the same price as voice calls.

This is all the info we got now, but we will keep you updated. Stay tuned…