MyAssistant: Enhance The Power of Siri

New day, new tweak in Cydia.  MyAssistant is the best tweak to enhance the power of Siri. With this tweak you can use Activator events, this mean that you can use all the Activator apps with Siri, so you can use all the Activator features with Siri!

With it you can manage System Toggle via Siri (Wifi – 3G – Bluetooth – Location – Airplane mode – Brightness – Volume);

You can add commands to Siri like : Respring – Reboot – Power off – Safe mode – Lock – Unlock – Take a pic – Battery percentage and open apps.

You can also make Siri answers to a question as you want it (for example you can make Siri says “You are awesome” in reply to a custom question that you can set in the

As last feature you can change the Siri background, just picking the new one from

The Good: Everything above

The Bad: It doesn’t work for the most part. At least not for me. For example, if i want to turn on/off Wifi, Siri will check my location. I’ve even created an Activator Event, called it ‘Wifi’ and assigned it to the Wifi SBSettings toggle. Same thing, checking location. Changed the name to ‘Wireless’. Same thing…

Speaking of Activator Events. I’ve created another one to kill all the backgrounded apps and called it ‘Kill BG’. Well, thanks to this command, now I know that Siri can’t provide maps and directions in Bulgaria.

When I was trying to take a screenshot, nothing worked. I’ve used the default command ( Take a pic ), nothing. Changed it to ‘Screenshot’, nothing.

You wanna know the worst part? It has ads. Look, I’m definitely not against ads, we all gotta eat BUT, if i pay for your product and you feed me ads, then FU mmkay? Guess where they’ve placed the ads? In the Activator Events. Guess why? Because ( most probably ) that will be the most visited section of the tweak. Nice try…

All in all this tweak has great potential, and if I’m the only one having these issues, this is a MUST get. Hopefully the tweak will be updated soon, or I’ll figure it out. Maybe I overlooked something. It happens…

MyAssistant is available for $0.99 in Cydia Store via BigBoss repo….