Now when you were a kid  didnt you just loved this 2 things ( brands ) : LEGO and Batman? I know i did. So when i saw this game for the iPhone/iPod Touch i went crazy. Well it’s not a great game, but you can consider it a time-killer game.

Once you load the game you will need to enter ( create ) a new player. Once you created your new player you will be presented with the game menu, which has 3 categories :

  • Story.
  • Free Play.
  • Options.

Now , i thought that i would get a feeling of this game by checkin out the Free Play. Boy , i was wrong. Once i got into Free Play everything was locked, and i got prompted with a message that told me that if i want to play this game i need to unlock it first, in the Story Mode.

Once i was in the story mode, i was the witness of a real nice animee kinda style movie which i really loved. I didnt necesarelly loved the movie, but the feeling i recived by watching it.  The background music, was the original Batman soundtrack and the dark , rainy view of Gotham City… hmmm brings back so many memories from when i was a child and i was obsesed with Batman ( i used to watch BATMAN – with Michael Keaton, Jack Nichelson and Kim Besinger everyday ) .

One more thing i really liked was the fact that the whole story is presented as a comic book. The sad thing is that, this is where ” i like about this game ” things got to end .

Now we finally start the game?  Well sort of. First you need to pass the training mode. There are 2 levels of training. One of them sucks big time and the other sucks even more.

In the first level of training you need to …. i dont even know how to explain this. You got a virtual world in which you need to kill bad guys. ( review of the first level suks? well so does this level 😐 ).

Second level of training is a boxing related level. Interesting? Not really! You got a boxing sack with six buttons on it and you will get a few punch combinations. What you need to do, is to get that combinations right.. Thats all. Big waste of my time.

Now we really start the game. Oh boy, i was so excited. Really, not a cool game. I got bored of it after only 5 minutes. Writing about this , is worthless. So i will attach a pic. Im sure that you dont need any explanation for this level.

Now like i said above, this is not a great game, but you can most definitely use it as a time killer. Maybe the next level will be more interesting, but i think there will be a while before i play this game again.

Buy this game from appstore for $5.99

Download .ipa file from here