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You got to admit that Google Earth is one of the top apps right now for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I love it. Play with it everyday. But there is one thing that was bothering me. Their damn copyright mark . It always gets in the way. I know Google is the Big Brother, it controls everything and all that. But really, love your users more Google.

So , of course there is a way to remove that annoying Copyright Mark from the app ( if somebody from Google is reading this post, don’t be mad… it just offers a better users experience. No diss to you mighty Google )

How to do it?

  • SSH into your device.
  • Find in Applications folder Google
  • Inside Google find a file named drivers.ini.
  • Open drivers.ini with a text editor.
  • Find the line that says Render/copyrightFontColor = 0x99ffffff
  • Change 99 to 00 ( zero zero )
  • Save the file
  • Enjoy

I attached 2 pictures below ( BEFORE and AFTER ). Click on them to enlarge.