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LeBron James Installs An iPad Kiosk For Each Sneaker At His New “Unknwn” Retail Store

Reaching new heights outside the court, LeBron James has scored again with the opening of Unknwn, his interactive apparel store in Southern Florida’s Aventura Mall. With interactive iPad kiosks paired with each sneaker, customers now have something that has not been seen in any apparel store: user controlled interaction with a single product. Each iPad kiosk offers shoppers access to a wealth of information for each shoe including stylish clothing and sneaker combinations, sneaker pricing, and technical specifications.

iPad Enclosures, a Utah-based iPad kiosk company, provided Unknwn with 45 wall-mounted iPad kiosk displays from their Evolve line. These unique Evolve kiosk enclosures are designed to engage the customer’s imagination and increase sales by maintaining the store’s overall theme with custom branding features available on the Evolve’s faceplate.

The versatility of the Evolve kiosk enclosure allows for much more than just product interaction and video display, as shown in the Unknwn retail store. It can also be integrated as an iPad Point-Of-Sale (POS) solution, store catalog, loyalty kiosk, and many other innovative applications.