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HOW TO: Make Gevey SIM Work On iOS 5 And Unlock Your iPhone

It’s great that we can finally untether jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 ( iPhone 4S/iPad 2 jailbreak coming in a week ), but what about an unlock? Ultrasn0w was updated for iOS 5.0.1, but unfortunately it supports the same old basebands. If you have a gevey SIM ( and a compatible baseband ) you’re in luck, because today we’re going to show you how to make it work on iOS 5.

NOTE: this is still in beta, and be warned that you try this on your own risk

NOTE: this hack, tweak, bypass, w/e is for gevey ultra , but I have the previous model ( iI need to dial 112 ) and it still works


1. Jailbreak your iPhone

2. Load Cydia and add the following source: and install the package

3. Respring and reboot your iPhone

4. Follow the usual gevey SIM’s steps

4.1. If you have an older gevey SIM ( like me ), after you reboot your phone do this:

  • on the pop-up screen just tap ‘accept’
  • wait a few seconds and call 112 for 2 seconds
  • airplane mode, wait for the errors, and turn off airplane mode ( NOTE: I only get 1 bar, because I still have the 1.59.00 baseband and it’s a known cosmetic issue. By the way, you can also unlock the 1.59.00 baseband with ultrasn0w on iOS 5.0.1 )