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While Japan is watching TV on the iPhone, in America iFart tops the chart

” With only one day left on the 2008 calendar Softbank finally released the highly anticipated 1-Seg TV tuner and battery for the Apple iPhone. Say what you will about the iPhone’s steep challenge in Japan, but Softbank has come through with one of the best Apple accessories ever to hit the market. The device looks almost exactly like the iPhone itself but feels incredibly lightweight thus allowing the add-on to fit perfectly into the high-bar aesthetic tastes of most Apple fans. ” [ read the full article here ]

What do you think about this? First of all what do you think about iFart? Did you know that earlier last year, Apple had banned a similar fart joke app called something like “pull my finger” because “it lacked taste” and now this really worthless piece of shit app made more than US$30,000! WTF?!?!?
I really wanna see what do you think about this?

PS : Thanks to Jay Oatway for the article abovc . YOU ROCK DUDE!!! BIG fan of yours ( Jay Oatway :  Editor of — a mobile lifestyle magazine based in Hong Kong )