iDetector: Simple Tool Detects If Your iPhone 3Gs Contains The New Bootrom Or The Old Bootrom

iDector is a real easy to use application to tell wheter or not your iPhone 3Gs contains the New Bootrom or the Old bootrom. Simply place your 3GS into DFU mode and click the button.

How to place your iPhone into DFU mode:

  • turn off your iPhone
  • press home button ( don’t release )
  • insert USB cable while still holding down the home button


  • connect your iPhone via USB
  • turn the iPhone off
  • hold the power+home button for 10 seconds
  • release the power button and continue holding the home button for another 10 seconds

How to get your iPhone back from DFU mode:

  • hold power+home button until your iPhone turns off
  • press the power button to turn your iPhone back on

Download iDetector here…