GeoHot Responding To DevTeam’s Complaints About PurpleSn0w

Everybody knows by know about the “war” between GeoHot and the DevTeam. GeoHot released PurpleSn0w RC2 today, and the DevTeam released a new version of UltraSn0w as well.

Than the DevTeam complained about PurpleSn0w but GeoHot didnt wait too much to respond.

So, as a result of this morning, in which the DevTeam complained of safety problems in Purplesn0w, due to excessive usage of Baseband RAM, GeoHotz has just responded by saying that this potential problem could occur with the RC1 but, the new version uses exactly ZERO bytes of RAM

Basically the hack is still cleaner and safer than the DevTeam. In addition to being faster and without background processes. So, finally, if you need to unlock an iPhone 3GS foreigner, used purplesn0w.