ServerMan: Turn Your iPhone Into A Server

ServerMan, this is the name of the software( still in experimental phase ), developed by FreeBit, is able to turn an iPhone into a small server that can be used as a shared disk, web server or FTP.

Thanks to the “rack” functionality that  is implemented in the software, you can also connect up to 5 iPhones, to be used in raid mode to improve the performance of the device or mirror, to create backups of our files.

This is certainly an ambitious project that also leaves some questions about its actual benefits: First, there are not many people who have more than one iPhone and also the “energy” of the phone (consumption and overheating ) can turn this server oin a small stove .

Obviously, a good computer can do this and much more, but certainly one of the mini-server farm is a fun and very “stylish”.

[via iSpazio]