GeoHot: Blackra1n RC2 Available For Mac and Windows

GeoHot has just released a new version of blackra1n, the tool that allows you to jailbreak the latest firmware for both iPhone and iTouch. This is the RC2 which fixes several bugs:

  • Fixed problems when running blackra1n on the iPhone 3G
  • Added the ability to run a tethered jailbreak even in the new iTouch 2G, model “MC”
  • Added the ability to run a tethered jailbreak on iPhone 3GS new iPhone Bootroom
  • Fixed problems that occurred after the installation of Icy

NOTE1: Tethered Jailbreak means that your iDevice must be connected to the computer in order to be switched on. Avoid shut downs and restarting the iDevice. If you will do that, your iDevice will be back to factory state.

NOTE2: Learn how to jailbreak your iDevice with blackra1n : Mac and Windows