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TouchTec: First Gloves Designed For iPhone/iTouch

Does the name Gaspar Gloves rings any bells? You are not alone. They are a full service glove company, and according to their site, Gaspar Gloves were featured in such movies as Ocean’s 13, X-Men: The Last Stand and Star Trek ( 2009 ).  Now , they are bringing on the market the first gloves designed for the iPhone and iTouch: TouchTec.

TouchTec gloves features special fibers that , when used, you will experience the same great response for your iPhone or iTouch’s screen. They also offer bacteria protection and since this is a pair of gloves, of course, they will protect your precious hands from the cold weather.

They are not cheap though. There are various models available and the prices ranges between $225 and $295. If you are interested , you can buy them from the producer’s official page.