BigBoss: Icy Causing Problems On 3.1.2 Jailbroken With Blackra1n

If you jailbroken your iDevice with Blackra1n and you got Winterboard and SBSettings problems, you should know that this problems are due to the installation of Icy through Blackra1n.

GeoHot says, that he might have included an old version of Icy in , and when installed through Blackra1n, overwrites the new “dpkg” wich causes severe damage to the entire system.

If you still want Icy, you should install only Cydia through blackra1n, and install Icy via Cydia. However, Icy won’t be here for long, because we just told you that RipDev is closing its doors and stop the development on all their tools including Icy.

[via BigBoss]