Web 2.0 Summit: Possible Flash Player For iPhone and iTouch?

During the last Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, the CEO of Adobe, Shantanu Narayen, talked about a possible version of Flash Player for iPhone and iTouch.

Not sharing too much information, Shantanu Narayen has closed the press conference and invite all journalists to pose questions directly to Steve Jobs.

During the question and answer session, an audience member pointed out that Flash is also competing with HTML (the basic format for websites), which is supporting richer and richer apps. Narayen acknowledged that HTML is improving, but he said, “The fidelity that you get with Flash across all these browsers is a non-trivial task.”

“I’d love to work with Apple to make it happen,” Narayen said. When Battelle pressed him for more details, Narayen would only add, “That’s a better question for Steve [Jobs, Apple’s CEO].”

Adobe cleverly figured out how to release native flash games for the iPhone and iTouch, but will we ever see flash running on our iDevices? Anything is possible, and we hope it will happen as soon as possible. As soon we will have more info on this issue, we will keep you update. Stay tuned…

[via DigitalBeat]