HowTo: Jailbreak Firmware 3.1.2 With Blackra1n [Mac]

Earlier we posted that Blackra1n for Mac users its on its way. Well GeoHot moved really quick an he got it out. Blackra1n is a tool that will jailbreak all iDevices. Please note that this tool ONLY jailbreaks your device and DO NOT create a custom firmware like PwnageTool

What do you need:

  • Blackra1n for Mac. Go to and than click on the Apple logo to download it.
  • You will need to restore your iPhone/iTouch to firmware 3.1.2 via iTunes before using blackra1n ( !!! ATTENTION !!! users depending on ultrasnow to unlock )

How to do it:
1. Download blackra1n for mac

2. Turn off your iDevice and close iTunes

3. Load blackra1n. You will see a single window with just one button “Make It Ra1n“. Click on it…

4. It will say “waiting for device“. When you see this message , turn on your iDevice

5. When your iDevice will be recognized, you will see a new message saying ” entering recovery ” . In those seconds, the program will launch a completely automated process that will put the iDevice in recovery mode and then run the Jailbreak and install Blackra1n on the iDevice.

6. You will see an image of GeoHot and also get this pop-up messages

7. Now just wait for your iDevice to reboot and the jailbreak was successful

8. After reboot you will notice that you got the blackra1n icon on your springboard. Tap it, to install Cydia and that’s it. You’re done.