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One essential app in our beloved iPhone is , of course, MobileSafari. But , what can it do for you? How efficient are you when you are using it? Let’s take a look on how we can boost its features, and make you a more efficient user.

How can you do that? With just one pack of addons found in Cydia. You can find the package on the iSpazio repository and it is called Safari Addon Plugins. This package adds a variety number of new bookmarks. They are javascript that will allow users to do a lot things in Safari, like :

  • Tabulate – open link in new tabs
  • Copy-Paste – the new method to copy and paste offered by PasteBud
  • Find in this page : search words in a page
  • Translate to english : automatically translate the site you are visiting in english
  • Open in new tab : similar to tabulate
  • Image search : search for images in google Google Images with just one tap
  • Search in WikiPedia
  • iTransmogrify : first method to play flash videos in MobileSafari
  • Find similar sites
  • Dictionary
  • Display all images : shows only the images on a page


When you run Tabulate, the little corner box with the orange flag icon appears, indicating that Tabulate is active on the page. As you scroll the document, this corner box moves with you, showing you how many links you’ve flagged. When you’re ready to open those flagged links, just tap this corner box.

BLUE – opens in the current tab

GREEN – opens in a new tab

ORANGE – flags the link for opening later


This is the new feature that allows you yo copy and paste between MobileSafari and Mail and MobileSafari and MobileSafari. For more info check the review i did a couple of days ago


This is something that you are used to . Nothing new, and nothing to worry about. Just open the bookmark, type in the word that you are searching for and voila.


Of course not all pages on this world wide wide wide web got their content written in english. And if you dont speak other languages , you need a translator. Well this addon is the google translator and it the same with the one that i got on my blog ( see the sidebar ) . The translation is not accurate ( at least from Romanian to English ) but , at least you have this option now on your device, and you can get a slight idea about the content on that page.


Now this one is similar to tabulate, but for some people this might be better. When you are on a page, activate the bookmark and everything that is a link on that page will have a icon next to it. That icon allows , when tapped will open that particular link in a new tab.


This allows you to search images with Google Image Search , no matter where you are. Just activate the bookmark, and search for an image.


The exact same thing as image search. No matter on what page you are, you can search wikipedia with just one tap.


Now this is the feature that most of you  will be very excited about. When you are visiting a page that has a flash video on it, you will get the missing plugin icon. Well not anymore ; turn iTransmogrify bookmark on, and you will be able to view the video. ( the video will be displayed on the page, but once you will press play, it will take you to the youtube player ) ( i made my blog compatible with iPhone, and the video size on my blog is wayyyyyy bigger than the iphone layout of my blog…. but you get the idea ).


When you are on a site that you really like, maybe you are wondering how many sites like that you can find on the web. This is a feature that will help you do that by automatically search for you. BTW : do not even try to look for sites similar to mine. IM UNIQUE BABY 😀 .


If you are on a page and you will find a word, that you dont know or you are not sure what it means, now you have a shortcut to


Now, if you are on a page that display a lot of images, you have the option of choosing to display only the images on that page with just one tap.

NOTE : this package will replace your current bookmarks. To get them back, just uninstall this package