Yesterday i presented you the proof of copy-paste concept on iPhone and iPod touch. Well today that become reality for me and some other people that had the opportunity to test it.

So what exactly is PasteBud, how does it work and what does it do exactly? Well it is a piece of javascript that enables the copy paste feature on your iPhone/iPod touch. You can copy text from any webpage in MobileSafari and than paste it into Mail.

PasteBud does not require a jailbreak device. If you are on a jailbreaked device, don’t worry this will work. There might be a free version and a premium version of PasteBud, but since this will be available for everybody only in a few hours from now , i don’t have any info on that.


First you will have to save the javascripts for copy and for paste as bookmarks on your MobileSafari. After you done that, you will need to edit those bookmarks, and delete the extra lines in them. This will enable the javascripts and allow you to copy and paste .

Next step is to send a mail to pastebud and activate the service. You can do that with one tap on ” your secret pastebud address “. After you done all that you are good to go.

Now using MobilSafari you browse to your favorite page. ( what you see in the pic above, is the latest post on my blog  ). You hit the bookmarks button , and that tap COPY. This will copy the whole page ( text ) and take it into PasteBud.

In here you need to place your finger at the end or start of the text ( or a portion of the text ) and drag up and down to select the text. Once you selected what you want to copy-paste you hit the Copy button on the top of the screen.

The copy process will begin , and once it is done,  you will need to tap the button on the left side of the screen and it will automatically take you onto Mail. Once you are there, you will notice that in the body of the mail, PasteBud inserted the text that you just selected and copy.

Nice , huh? Now this is not available YET for everybody. It will be up and running in a few hours from now. But most likely you wont see this post right away, and when you see this post you can already enjoy PasteBud.